About Soluciones Con LIBRE

At The LIBRE Initiative, we believe that debates about politics, government, and elected officials, should always be rooted in an understanding of the proper role of government and how government policies affect our lives. It’s the responsibility of government at all levels to respect and uphold the Constitution and our laws, protect individual rights, and keep people safe.

The reality, however, is that government policies are always in need of review, updating, and improvement. At the local, state, and federal levels, there are often government erected barriers that stand in the way of people succeeding. Poorly conceived policies restrict opportunities for people to contribute in meaningful ways, rather than empowering individuals to discover, develop, and apply their unique gifts to succeed. As a result, they may stifle job creation and hinder growth, or make critical products and services more expensive. Wasteful spending and special interest policies lead to higher taxes and less effective services. All these problems make it harder for Hispanics and others to succeed and build better futures.

The Soluciones Con LIBRE project focuses on areas where policy reform can improve people’s lives. The Hispanic community around the country is concerned about issues such as education, health care reform, the economy, criminal justice, and more. We know that in Washington and in local communities, there are opportunities to bring policymakers together to fix broken policies and break down barriers to better allow people to succeed. Soluciones Con LIBRE offers a platform not just to hear about freedom-minded solutions, but to be a vibrant part of a dialogue that promotes empowering individuals for the benefit of all. Through virtual events, and through physical events where circumstances permit, we’ll create new opportunities for people to access information about government policies, as well as opening avenues to making them better.