Economic Opportunity + Recovery

In recent years, the Hispanic community experienced tremendous economic strength as a result of numerous pro-growth federal policies that empowered individuals. Following the health and economic crisis in our country, it is imperative lawmakers continue to reduce barriers to opportunity. We support policies that foster innovation, remove barriers, and better equip everyone to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Health Care

To thrive, people need an approach to health care that increases access to quality, affordable care. That’s why we need policies that expand choice, improve quality, lower costs, and encourage the innovation that could transform health care for all. Such an approach would entail resisting expansion of government-controlled health care, improving access to personal health care options, and combatting COVID-19 with a comprehensive approach.

K-12 Education Reform

Education is essential for people to discover and develop their potential. It’s often in the classroom where students explore their gifts and the unique ways they can contribute to the world. That’s why students and families should have access to quality education tailored to the way they learn best and that helps them succeed. When families can choose the best education for their child, everyone wins.


Great things are possible when immigrants and non-immigrants have the freedom and opportunity to work together to build our nation and expand prosperity for all. That’s why we need to modernize America’s outdated, ineffective immigration system. The first step toward enacting immigration reform is creating a permanent solution for Dreamers. From there, we need to reform the U.S. visa system, address the undocumented population, and update and enhance border security and interior enforcement.